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Online Banking

It's like having a branch in your home

Online banking has all the tools you need to manage your money.

  • Overview

    Account access day or night

    With Heartland Credit Union’s Online Banking, convenience is the name of the game. You can manage your accounts, pay your bills and view your statements with just the click of a button with online banking.

    Monitor your accounts day or night

    Use online banking to view account history, pending transactions, cleared checks, current balances and more.

    Make loan payments

    Make your Heartland loan payments with the click of a button.

    Access your Heartland Visa® Credit Card

    Make payments, view transactions, request eStatements, lock and unlock your card, notify us of your travel plans and more.

    Set alerts and run reports

    Use online banking to set a variety of email alerts to keep tabs on your money – from balance alerts to cleared checks. Plus, you’ll have access to various reports to dig deeper into your account activity.

    Online Check Register

    Manually enter transactions, such as checks you’ve written or transfers you’ve initiated, to keep track of your account balance. These items will show as “pending” on your online banking account until they clear so you can easily identify them.

    Transfer funds

    Easily transfer funds between your Heartland accounts. You can even schedule a one-time transfer for a future date or set recurring transfers to happen automatically.

  • External Transfers

    Transfer money in and out

    Easily transfer money into your Heartland account from your outside bank or credit union accounts. You can also transfer money out of your Heartland account to your other credit union or bank accounts. Please note: This feature does not allow you to transfer money to other people’s accounts – you must be the owner of the accounts you set up. Click here for a step-by-step guide to get started.

    Move your money with ease

    Add external accounts that you own to your Heartland Online Banking transfer feature and enjoy the ease of moving money between your accounts.

    Schedule transfers

    Schedule automatic transfers between your Heartland accounts and your outside accounts.

  • Online Bill Pay

    Pay your bills the easy way

    Pay all your bills online with Heartland Online Bill Pay. Simply log into your Online Banking Account, click the “Payments” tab and select “Pay your bills.”

    Choose from a list of popular companies to pay or enter your own. Then, enter the amount and delivery date to schedule a payment.

    Rush a payment

    Expedite a payment for a low processing fee when you’re in a time crunch.

    Use eBills

    View your billing statements within the Heartland Bill Pay system.

    Reduce identity theft

    Eliminate the risk of your check and account information sitting in your mailbox.

    24/7 customer service

    Call (855) 837-6967 for 24/7 Online Bill Pay assistance.

  • eStatements

    Go green

    View your Heartland eStatements online. We’ll send you an email to notify you when your statements are ready, and you can view them online the minute they’re available. With eStatements you can:

    • Print or save a copy.
    • Access your statements for up to 18 months.
    • Reduce your risk of identity theft.

    Access your statements

    Login to your Online Banking account and click on the “Statements” tab in the left navigation bar.

  • FAQs
    • Yes. You can view your transactions, pay your bill, enroll in eStatements and view your rewards (if you have a Heartland Rewards Card.)

    • 90 days. If you need to see more you can click on the account, select the Advanced Search Tab and search further back.

    • 18 months.

    • Yes. As part of your Online Banking account you’ll have quick, secure access to view your statements online. You can download them to your computer or print them.

    • Yes. You can transfer money from your Heartland account to other Heartland accounts and you can transfer to accounts you own outside of the credit union – such as other credit union or bank accounts.

    • We can get you enrolled in minutes and you’ll be able to view your accounts the next day. Visit a branch or give us a call at (651) 451-5160 or (800) 813-9185 to get enrolled.

    • Visit a branch or give us a call at (651) 451-5160 or (800) 813-9185 and we will get you set up.

    • You can pay anyone, from your mobile phone provider to your sister. A variety of popular companies are preloaded to choose from, but you also have the ability to add who you need to pay. When paying a person, such as your daycare provider, a check will be mailed to them. Larger businesses and companies are normally paid electronically.

    • No. It’s comes free with your Online Banking Account.

 I'm so happy not to be dealing with a Bank anymore. They don't give a tenth of effort your employees do.

Michael K.
Online Banking Disclosures

*You must own the external accounts you transfer to. If you attempt a transfer to an account that you do not own, the external transfer service will be suspended.