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Debit Card

Access anytime, anywhere

A debit card from Heartland Credit Union offers convenience at its finest. Plus, when you consent to Extended Coverage for your everyday debit card and ATM transactions we've got you covered when you don't have enough funds in your checking account.

  • Overview

    Enjoy instant access to your Heartland accounts

    Use your Heartland Chip Debit Card in person or online and the money will automatically be deducted from your Heartland Checking account.

    Not only does a Heartland debit card give you access to over 63,000 surcharge-free ATMs, they also feature EMV chip technology to offer an extra layer of protection against fraud.

    Plus, as part of our Privilege Pay overdraft program the Extended Coverage option will process your everyday debit card and ATM transactions if you don’t have enough funds in your checking account. Learn about the benefits of Extended Coverage and how to apply it to your debit card.

    Embedded chip

    Enjoy an extra layer of security with an embedded chip.

    Purchasing power

    Shop anywhere you see the MasterCard® logo—both in person and online.

    ATM access

    Gain access to cash at over 63,000 surcharge-free ATMs.

    Fraud protection

    Dedicated fraud specialists are working around the clock to protect you against fraudulent use of your debit card.

    Card Manager App

    Lock your card if it’s lost or stolen. Set up transaction text alerts. Prevent certain types of transactions from processing. Do these things and much more with the Heartland Card Manager app. Learn more.

    Cash back

    Save yourself a trip to the ATM and get cash back where you shop. When you’re checking out, simply select “Debit” and enter your PIN. There’s no fee and no restrictions on the number of times you do it.

  • FAQs
    • You will receive a phone call and/or a text from our card partner.

    • You have 60 days from the statement date that the transaction appears on to dispute a transaction. To file a dispute on a debit card transaction, please call us (651) 451-5160 or (800) 813-9185 or visit a branch location.

    • Generally, debit card limits are: $300 for ATM withdrawals and $2,500 for point of sale purchases. These limits may differ based on account history and activity. They can also be adjusted if you contact us (651) 451-5160 or (800) 813-9185.

    • With over 63,000 surcharge-free ATMs across the country you have many options to avoid paying a fee. Find a surcharge-free ATM today

    • Yes. With the Heartland Card Manager App you can control which types of transactions are approved or denied, such as online purchases, international purchases and more.

    • Yes. With the Heartland Card Manager App you can set a spend limit per transaction or by month. If the limits are exceeded the transaction will be denied.

    • Yes. With the Heartland Card Manager App you can receive texts for every transaction or choose specific types of transactions based on location, dollar amount, merchant types and transactions types.

    • Yes. With the Heartland Card Manager App you can lock and unlock your card to protect yourself if it’s lost or stolen, plus much more.

    • To report a lost or stolen Debit or ATM card please call (800) 449-7728. Representatives are available 24 hours a day to help you.

    • You can request a new card through Heartland Online Banking, send us a message through Heartland Mobile Banking, call us at (651) 451-5160 or (800) 813-9185 or visit a branch.

    • No. The extra layer of security only applies when the chip is processed through the terminal. Rest assured, we have 24/7 fraud monitoring that watches your transactions for suspicious activity and will alert you if they identify any. It’s also important, on all of your cards, to monitor activity. The sooner you notify us of unauthorized purchases, the sooner we can reimburse you and prevent further transactions from occurring. It’s also wise to practice safe shopping online by visiting only trusted sites that begin with https and never make purchases over Free WiFi networks – such as those offered at coffee shops and other public retailers. These public networks are not secure and easy for fraudsters to steal information from.

    • Yes. Your card will also continue to have the traditional magnetic stripe on the back, enabling you to use it at merchants who do not yet have a chip-enabled terminal.

    • Chip cards are very secure. Chip-enabled cards are embedded with a microprocessor on the front (the small metallic square) which encrypts information to better protect you from a type of fraud called “skimming”. This is a technique where criminals copy the data from a card’s magnetic stripe and use it to create a counterfeit card.

    • Use your chip card at any merchant with chip-enabled terminals. If the merchant does not have the chip function on their terminal you can swipe your card instead. You can also continue to use your card as you did before for online payments, telephone payments, and at ATMs.

    • It’s simple – just insert the chip portion of the card into the merchant terminal with the chip facing up, leave the card in the merchant terminal until the transaction is complete, follow the prompts, and provide your signature if requested.

    • The embedded microchip provides strong transaction security features and other application capabilities not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards. A chip card is virtually impossible to counterfeit providing you with extra protection.

Heartland is not only accessible, the people are warm and welcoming. Their member education has certainly contributed to my financial well-being.

Gail P

Keep your card secure

With the Heartland Card Manager App, you can help fight credit and debit card fraud with a few simple clicks.

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Choose from two Heartland Debit Card designs.

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