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Summer Skip Pay

Brighten your summer and skip your July loan payment(s). Scroll down to see if your loan qualifies.

    Summer Skip Pay

    Skip your July loan payment(s) and brighten your summer with a little extra cash in your pocket.

    Request to skip by June 17, 2024 and pay $40 per loan. Requests received after June 17, 2024 will be $65 per loan.

    Skip Pay is available on these types of loans:
    Auto Loans, Signature Loans and Toy Loans (boats, motorcycles, ATVs)

    It is not available on Ready Cash Plus, Mortgage Loans, Visa, Home Equity Lines of Credit or Home Equity loans, including the Home Free Loan.

    To qualify your loan must be:

    • In good standing
    • Must have a payment of at least $100
    • Must have a balance of at least $200
    • Must be opened by January 2024 or earlier
    • Hasn’t been skipped more than twice in 2024

    Skip your payment today!

Heartland is not only accessible, the people are warm and welcoming. Their member education has certainly contributed to my financial well-being.

Gail P

Here to help you get the most from your money.

Skip Pay Summer Disclosures

By signing, you authorize Heartland to extend your final loan payment by an additional month. You also agree to repay the entire unpaid balance of your Heartland loan at the rate and terms stated on your original loan agreement, if applicable. Interest will continue to accrue on your loan during the month you skip your payment. Payments made through Direct Deposit/Payroll deduction will be deposited to your share savings account for the month you are skipping your payment. The processing fee, which is per loan, will automatically be deducted from your Share Savings or Checking Account unless otherwise noted above. Any faxed transmission of your signature may be held equally enforceable as your genuine signature. If you have purchased GAP insurance and have skipped more than two payments over the life of the loan, you may have a balance remaining on the loan even after the GAP claim payment is applied. This offer does not apply to payments already posted to your account. Loans must be current at the time of skipped payment and the fee cannot be added to the loan. The fee must be paid before the skip will occur.